We congratulate you in advance as you are about to take a great decision in becoming a full member and participant of CRYPTOTREE.
You will get 150% reward of your investment (including principal) after 24-72hrs and you must recommit donation within 24hrs after you received payment from the company, this re-commitment is very compulsory for the sustainable of the company.
We give 100% assurance that no member would ever loose money in CRYPTOTREE.


1. For 100% safety and sustainable of the company, all members investment and withdrawal would be made in the algorithms of one plus one is equal to two minus one is equals to two etc. i.e.. (1+1=2-1=2-1=2-1=2 etc.). Whereby 1 represent your investment and 2 represent your withdrawal. With this strong re-investment rule CRYPTOTREE will remain forever.

2. Any member that failed to reinvest within 24hrs of receiving payment from the company will have his account suspended and reactivation of account will attract a penalty charge of ($2) and any member that failed to reactivate his account after 10 days will have his account banned from the company.

3. Please if you know you want to join this company in other to hit and run it better you don’t invest at all.

4.  Members are not allowed to reinvest lesser than the previous investment, the higher your investment the higher your return.

5.  Any participant that upload fake transaction ID to the company will have his account deactivated.

6.  All CRYPTOTREE participants are to at least refer two serious members to the company within 30 days of being a member of the company otherwise risk his account being suspended. This measure has been strictly taken just to be sure that every member is promoting the company, cos any organization without publicity is bound to fail. (option vip/vvip partners).

7.  Minimum investment in the company is $2 and Maximum is $10,000.

8.  It also important to upload your review and testimonial video on the platform after receiving your return.

9.  You would be automatically granted a staff membership award, when you refer up to 10 active partners to the company or you have attain a minimum investment of $5,000 and above. This will stand a chance to get extra bonus dividends from the company tradings.

10.  We do not pay extra bonuses for referrals what you invest is what you get.

11.   For health and sustainable of the company, all partners must always have a backend investment in the company depending on the initial amount. this measure will help to discourage hit and run investors.

12.   All participants will be given an opportunity to claim a one time monthly dividend of $5,000 with a 20% deposit, after 30 days of being a member or must have received up to ten successful withdrawal from the company.

Note: we give you 100% assurance that you would never loose your money in CRYPTOTREE. For further questions and clarifications you are free to contact us through our contact page.